Today's Random Word: Arcanum

You can now use the API to retrieve a random word, optionally matching search criteria. The basic endpoint is the same as the Search endpoint, you'll just need to append a "random=true" to the request, like so:

The response back will be a single JSON word document, that should look something like this:

  "word": "arcanum",
  "frequency": 2.02,
  "results": [
      "definition": "information known only to a special group",
      "partOfSpeech": "noun",
      "synonyms": [
      "typeOf": [
      "hasTypes": [
  "syllables": {
    "count": 3,
    "list": [
  "pronunciation": {
    "all": "ɑr'keɪnəm"

You can refine your search by adding any of the existing search criteria, such as "letterPattern" or "pronunciationPattern". Check the docs for a full list of search parameters available.