The Most Commonly Misspelled Words in the English Language

Its common knowledge that English is a strange language. It has a lot of rules that contradict themselves that also have a lot of exceptions. Grammar is all over the place and proper pronunciation often doesn’t make sense. If you are not a native English speaker it can be a difficult language to learn.

With all the rules and nuances, there are a lot of words that can be tricky to spell. Here are some of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language – and some tips to remember how to spell them!

This word is not pronounced exactly how it looks so spelling can be tricky. Just remember that it makes “sence” to spell it with an E!

The ending of words like “acceptable” are often confused with “ible” as it sounds similar when reading out loud. Just remember to “accept” the “table” that you are being offered.

Double consonants can be hard enough to remember, forget two in the same word! Just remember that this word is large enough to accommodate two C’s and two M’s.

Remember that both Ds are being delivered to the same address.

Having your own “ally” is a “basic” part of life.

Many learn from a young age to remember that I comes before E except after C. Believe is a word where this rule applies.

The confusion here often comes from the E. Remember that “change” keeps its E and thus makes the G soft rather than hard.

Column is not the only word of its kind in the English language, just remember that although it may not have an obvious purpose… a silent N after an M is common.

This one is simple – don’t let yourself be conned by a “science” nerd!

Often confused with defiantly. Remember that Definitely carries its silent E with it wherever it goes.

This is another long word – long enough to fit two Rs and two Ss without getting squished.

When adapting to a new environment, you may have to “iron” out some kinks.

Putting two A’s in the same word can be an exhilarating experience!

This word breaks the I before E except after C rule – what a foreign concept!

Take pity on the poor R in this word… it is so weak that it needs an O on either side of it in order to stay standing.

Don’t spell this word with an “ence,” that would be downright ignorant!

Remembering the two L’s and the “ence” ending are signs of great intelligence.

The confusion with this word often comes in the beginning, where the E and I are mixed up. Just remember that you do not have to tell a lie to experience some leisure.

Often confused with “loose.” Lose the extra O and spell this word right every time.

“Main” and “tenance” are the primary tenants of this word.

You will hear lots of neighing from next door if your neighbor has a horse farm.

The Es in this word are only able to persevere until the last syllable, where the A takes over.

Don’t take it personally that this word needs two Ns!

This word is in possession of more S’s than most hissing snakes!

When something rhymes, it has a nice rhythm – these words go well together at times.

Remember that a secretary will always keep your secret!

You must write this word with an A after the E whether you like it or not.

This is one of the weirdest exceptions to the I before E except after C rule.