Rhyme Time!

WordsAPI can now be used to find words that rhyme. Rhymes are not returned as part of a normal GET request of a word , so you must call the Rhymes endpoint to retrieve rhymes of a word.


The rhymes result will include an object containing the word you requested, and one or more sub-objects that each contain a list of rhyming words. Each sub-object represents the part of speech that the rhymes are for.

For instance, "dog" can be both a noun and a verb. However, it is pronounced the same in both cases, so the result of the call to the Rhymes endpoint results in a single sub-object, called "all".


GET https://www.wordsapi.com/words/dog/rhymes


  "word": "dog",
  "rhymes": {
    "all": [

However, "wind" sounds different if you're using it as a noun (that's a lot of wind) than it does as a verb (the river winds through the hills). The result of calling the Rhymes endpoint for wind returns two arrays, one for wind as a noun, and another for wind as a verb..


GET https://www.wordsapi.com/words/wind/rhymes


  "word": "wind",
  "rhymes": {
    "noun": [
    "verb": [

For more of what you can use WordsAPI for, be sure to check out the Documentation.