The Words Hacker News Visitors Searched For

I posted a Show HN article about WordsAPI on Monday, and to my surprise it made it to the first page.  The Hacker News Effect has been known to take out websites before, but I was happy to see that WordsAPI stood up to it pretty well and the API stayed very responsive (most responses were < 50ms).

Quick stats (24 hours after posting the Show HN):

  • Unique Visitors: 17,919
  • Pageviews: 33,465
  • Demo word searches: 49,802
  • API Users Signed Up: 124

The first page of WordsAPI has a little demo that lets you query the API directly. I thought it would be a good idea to let potential API users see exactly what the results would look like, as that's what I look for when checking out new APIs.  

Here's the top 20 words that the Hacker News crowd searched for, excluding the examples listed on the page.

  1. test
  2. dog
  3. hand
  4. water
  5. hello
  6. cat
  7. apple
  8. [ a part of a male's anatomy ]
  9. [ a four letter swear word ]
  10. house
  11. sex
  12. computer
  13. good
  14. banana
  15. food
  16. fish
  17. poop
  18. word
  19. love
  20. book